The street is the medium

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When it comes to Street Photography, the street is the source of opportunities. It is the medium. Each has its own unique character that yields various scenes, based on whether it is the straight, undulating, wide, narrow, quiet, busting, etc. I particularly like Joel Meyerowitz’s description of the street in the video below. He has a way of describing it that will definitely *echoes* with the Street Photographer. Try to focus on the street identity the next time you are out there

I am biased towards the video above as Fifth Avenue in New York is my one of my favorite locations. It never stops giving different scenes everyday. It is the river that is never the same every time one dives in. There are specific points along that majestic avenue that I am still continuously discovering through years, with the rhythm of the seasons: every corner, down from Central Park to 42nd, notable among them is that of 57th and 5th. The famous street photographers of past were inspired by that Avenue, and many talented ones are still working that same path these days.

There are many other locations in New York that are street photographer’s dream. I currently read Dede Emerson’s A Different Kind of Street Walker to discover those gems.

Share your local favorite street, let us know what are the particular characteristics that drew you to that location!